Standard conditions

Liability provisions
All tasks are carried in accordance with the general conditions of the Estonian Logistics and Freight Forwarding Association (GC ELFA) General Conditons of the Estonian Freight Forwarders AssociationThe conditions limits our responsibility of loss, deterioration or damage to the goods.

The stated delivery and transit times are only to be considered as guidance. Contracts with time guarantee are only made with a separate written agreement.

At visible loss or damage, objection must be made immediately on the arrival of the goods. If not visible loss or damage, objection must then be made in writing within 7 working days after the package was delivered.

Freight calculation rules for volume shipments:
Chargeable weight is calculated as following:


  • 1 cbm = 333 kg
  • 1 loading meter = 1850 kg
  • 1 EUR PLL = 740 kg
  • 1 EUR PLL = 0,4 loading meter
  • 1 FIN PLL = 925 kg
  • 1 FIN PLL = 0,5 loading meter


  • 1 cbm = 167 kg

Seafreight (LCL)

  • 1 cbm = 1000 kg

EUR pallets exchange
NTG Transport offers no exchange of EUR pallets. This applies to all international markets.

COD – Charged only with SEPARATE written instructions to NTG Transport. Specifying in the supplier invoice has NOT validity as instruction.

Dangerous goods are only handled by prior written arrangement.

By law it is the responsibility of the sender to declare dangerous goods at the latest at booking, with correct chemical/ technical term and give relevant hazard class number. Insufficient or incorrect information, documents, packaging and / or labeling of goods relieves NTG Transport from responsibility for any caused damage and requirements.

The offer requires free and unhindered traffic and applies – unless otherwise noted – for ordinary non-hazardous commercial products in terms of weights and measures, and that it can be transported in ordinary vehicles.

If the transport is with controlled temperatures, there must be taken prior arrangement.

Tariffs and exchange rates are based on the day of the offer. If the tariff and exchange rates or our production costs significant increase and in case of public intervention, we reserve the right to adjust the offer.

If not stated otherwise in the offer, following applies:

The rates do not apply to temperature-controlled transportation and transport of high taxed goods and dangerous goods, unless specific stated in the offer.

The rates are exclusive of VAT, levies, possibly customs clearance and intrastate.

Cargo insurance can be made by written request through NTG Transport in an acknowledged insurance company.

Despite of the fact that we handle your goods with utmost carefulness, damages might occure. In case we have delivered your shipment with damages or there was a delay in delivery, we kindly ask you let us know by e-mail.
Please make sure that you make remark on delivery note / CMR of any visible damaged to the delivered package and hand over one copy to the driver.

Please send your claim to describing the damages or shortages. If possible, please send picture of damaged package or goods.
You will receive a confirmation from you within an 1 hour. We will handle your claim as quickly as possible.

All business is transacted in accordance with  the general conditions for transport, forwarding and warehousing of the Estonian Association of Freight Forwarders (valid as from 01.01.2001).